Just noticed Reddcoin - RDD is forming an Ascending Broadening Wedge Price is stable now at $, support is also very well satoshi wise. Definition; 1 – The Ascending Broadening Wedge The Ascending Broadening Wedge is one of six Broadening Wedge patterns to be found in price charts. This puts RDD in the top 25 cryptocurrencies for Reddit subscribers, while by market cap it's at number Pumped twice massively in / With RDD-BTC approaching the floor of the big green. TradingView India. If RDD drops below 67 I am exiting my positions here. Highs/ lows and supports are so damn close to being the same as in June

Rdd btc tradingview

BRDBTC Charts and Quotes — TradingView

MACD now on the bullish zone. Very long accumulation phase coming to an end. Very strong RSI. These are bullish signals. Load your stocks Yes folks, the long-awaited Load your stocks Yes folks, the long-awaited time has come. It's time to fight and rush to buy Altcoins. Don't fool around, buy low coins here are the tips with big strong profit guarantee the tips with big strong profit Here is how it goes: 1 Prices drop strong. Bear market. Consolidation phase.

New trend. When we take a closer look, the daily D timeframe, we can see the MA is 20 times stronger than EMA10, having prices trading above this level black line on the chart opens the door for very strong bullish action Here is a full trade signal for this altcoin Remember ReddCoin? Right now the chart is looking good and a bullish wave is starting to take form, let's trade it for profits!

Reddcoin had a great pump history with big Gains We're seeing a long term flat period. Volume is low and this coin is so easy to pump with just a little volume. Solid project as it seems! Maybe late Technical analysis:. The RSI is at Trading suggestion:. There is a possibility of temporary retracement to suggested support zone 0. Broadening Wedges are plentiful in price charts and can provide good There seems to be false rumors going around, but some are saying that RDD may be getting ready for a potential listing on Binance in the near future.

It sparked my interest to chart RDD, and on the contrary, it seems like it's looking incredibly good for a long just by the looks on the chart. RDD has made some immense returns in the previous years, but is it Reddcoin is about to hit a bottom and as you know, from the bottom you have the most potential up. Many have started selling their altcoins.

If you want to do the opposite of others, RDD is a good investment. This puts RDD in the top 25 cryptocurrencies for Reddit subscribers, while by market cap it's at number Predictions and analysis.

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RDD Repeating History! Get out now RDDBTC Crypto Chart

BRD/BTC -Bread coin tested the previous key support at range -The price recovered by more than 20% increase -We can also see a Bullish RSI divergence -This is an indication that the selling pressure has decreased -If this will be a potential Double bottom reversal -The initial upside target is up to the recent top sat -We don't want to see this coin. Pumapay PMA Ready to explode See all exchange offices are all synchronized pointing to a super high PMA / BTC PMA / USD PMA / ETH synchronized Bittrex and OKEX and HitBTC The main exchange houses with more than 90% of all Pumapay coins in circulation We will have a great striker Tips Altseason is starting. RDD / BTC Onda (1) SAT y (2) PROYECTA Ext. Fibonacci en ( SAT) La correción de la onda (4) la he considerado en un 38% de retroceso ( SAT). Tags:Trevor noah bitcoin revolution system, Coin market cap btcred, Tmn media bitcoin trading, Trading bitcoin make money, Cara deposit bitcoin lewat atm bca

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