There are several important safety valves in Profit Trailer to keep the bot from chewing through your crypto like cookie monster on a 3 day bender. One is “ALL_max_cost =” in bitcoinlife24.deties. This sets the amount of coin, in BitCoin, that the bot will use for trading. TradingView. Sign In. Ticker Trading Ideas Educational Ideas Scripts People. Jul 06,  · PROFIT TRAILER SETTINGS WHAT IS OUR NEW STRATEGY? WE ARE USING DOUBLE BOLLINGER BAND STRATEGY, THE FIRST BOLLINGER BAND IS USED WITH HIGHER TIME FRAME TO MAKE SURE THAT WE ARE IN THE CORRECT BUYING ZONE AND THE SECOND BOLLINGER BAND IS USED WITH LOWER TIME FRAME TO CATCH THE PRICE AT THE DIP .

Profit trailer btc

PROFIT TRAILER SETTINGS – Best Bitcoin And Crypto Trading Signals

What we did was make some tweaks on his current settings. We did a spreadsheet analysis to look at his last sales and look at the difference between the price sold and peak price reached in the next 24 hours this is an exercise I conduct with clients , and discovered the Median gain he lost out on was 2. In the end he wanted to keep his coin profile and baseline buy strategy though he added a lot more coins on his whitelist and raised gain to 2.

Another conclusion we are able to reach was that his buy zones were in completely different places to mine. Because I use a large trailing buy, on 30 and 60 minutes- 0. His method was buying and selling quick on the rebound. Being able to trade effectively has nothing to do with picking cookie cutter settings. You actually need to learn how markets work, prices move, the fundamentals of technical analysis like RSI, momentum, price action etc. This is what I teach people to do. I only include a selection of lots of settings with my coaching clients as examples of what has worked with me in the past If you are a treasure hunter, some of my legacy DCA settings have been posted in Discord- hint owning Profit Trailer Feeder is a key to the chest; though I am planning on releasing some of my legacy settings soon to the public for free anyway via Youtube and or Github and because 2.

Adjusting a trailing buy. Very simply, having a tight trailing buy of say 0. Having a very large trailing buy of say 3 or 4 means you will give it more wiggle room before buying- leading to less fakeout reversals, so the quality will be increased but also will lead to a lot less trades. Hence why I find a decent number to be between 0.

One additional feature of Profit Trailer is that it will manage the coins you buy manually yourself. And if you already had alts in the account before the bot started, it will calculate the average price if it is less than 30 days old.

Any older and you can input the bought price yourself. If you are happy to let PT trade them it will manage them just like any other pair including DCAing them when required. So if you wish to practice manual trading with small amounts, PT can help as a safety net! How will trailing work in 2. So you may have gathered in 2. The creator PT Elroy has this to say about how trailing works in 2. Trailing starts. And will only buy if once trailing triggers the entry price is still below the original price when trailing started.

Risk management is an absolutely vital skill in any form of investing or trading. I regard risk management as the cornerstone of being profitable long term and will teach people how to do it a pragmatic way. The best thing overall with Profit Trailer really is that because of its wide range of monitoring and safety features it can really help as a risk management tool. For example, once you get more experienced you could also just use it on semi automatic mode which sometimes I do where you do your own buys and it sells or DCAs for you.

Because it monitors your portfolio on an exchange you will have seperate instances of PT and monitors on different exchanges. For example if your account grows from 0.

This is a good risk management strategy as this means you are reducing the amount of exposure to risk when the market turns. I would use this with caution but it can be very useful once a crash is confirmed, because you can simply save your btc before your alts tank more.

And guess what? After they had panic sold, altcoins and BTC started recovering. To coaching clients I will explain in detail how I determine market bottoms, and at some point I will be either making a Youtube video or another post about this.

Sell only mode triggers will turn off the bot upon certain market conditions. Alts have somewhat of a complex relationship with btc and some alts have almost no correlation to btc whereas others do. DCA Rebuy timeout- this prevents the bot from making another DCA buy within the specified time period, expressed in minutes. Most PT users seem to ignore this or have it on something very low like 30 minutes.

Again it makes no sense from a risk management point of view to have no or a short rebuy timeout. Think about it, how much safer is your account from being ruined by a bag if you are only allowed 1 DCA buy per pair a day or every 2 days? A lot, and again why my accounts are able to survive harsh market conditions and still be safe unlike the overwhelming majority. A final word about the creator Elroy, who an excellent and very helpful and well organised developer.

Many of us have used other bots which had less reliable developers, who ignored bugs or provided poor customer service or we had been left scratching our heads as to why the bot made those buy decisions. Additionally Elroy constantly adds new tweaks and features. Profit Trailer is constantly evolving and the creator Elroy is getting feedback all the time, from some very experienced botters and traders and inputting it into the roadmap, and it gets bit by bit more advanced with each release.

I am now also part of the beta testing team, and we are using the prototype PT 2. I see this question a lot, and it is well meaning but very niave to assume you can get an exact figure every day.

Firstly markets fluctuate a lot. You may have a month I would say the end of February to early March has been like this where the market is completely choppy and accounts are stable and neither growing much nor losing much.

But overall, my accounts have grown far faster than had I had to trade them alone without PT. Is it possible to turn 1k into a million? But on a bull run it will exceed your expectations, possibly beyond your imagination! There is no magic button ultimately, and if someone claims there is, be very sceptical about their claims and dig deeper. Markets move in cycles and you have to learn to deal with the rough as well as the smooth.

Edit: a very important concept to understand with any form of trading is the Wyckoff Market Cycle. If you understand this, it will make you a much better trader, bot or not. The market is an artist, not a computer. It has a repertoire of basic behavior patterns that it subtly modifies, combines and springs unexpectedly on its audience. A trading market is an entity with a mind of its own. There are no predetermined, never-fail levels where the market always changes.

Everything the market does today must be compared to what it did before. I explain this in more detail to any clients. I have recently recorded a video demonstration with a client who came to see me in person to explain this and will upload it once I get the time. The package I have is:. Is it worth it. Am I likely to see any sort of worthwhile returns? First of all there is a difference between an entire market crash, and altcoin but not btc crash and a short pullback i.

PT will deal with moderate pullbacks, and even many altcoin crashes quite well so long as your DCA is set to quite cautious levels like I described previously or you panic sell as soon as the crash is confirmed.

Let me give you an example, during November and mid December when BTC super-mooned from USD to 10, and then again from 10, eventually to 20, by the end of Dec there was an Altcoin crash initially in November because people were selling their alts quickly to buy BTC as it was shooting up very fast.

There is also a difference between an altcoin crash and an entire market crash. The crash of Jan- Feb was an entire market crash where everything went down. I did use panic sell during that one, because the bad news was relentless and really should have used it earlier, but it was still enough to save myself a fair chunk.

Rarely, but only briefly to update to a new version. My account has grown the most on Binance. However on some days and weeks Bittrex does outperform Binance, and some people have said to me Bittrex is better. If you have the capital you could have bots for both. Also once you have a license exchange you can have multiple bots trading different base currencies e. There was a recent hack attempt on Binance. Luckily the Binance team prevented withdrawals from the fraudsters and are implementing refunds for fake trades.

Most of the people hacked have never used a bot, and there was no PT user I spoke to who had lost funds, Binance has since confirmed that the attack was down to Phishing. There are several things you should do to up your security whatever you do in crypto. On Bittrex you can restrict IP addresses for trading and withdrawals. Use a phishing blocker such as Metamask, Comodo, Avast, Malwarbytes. These are all free and are good anti virus programmes. I use Avast Sandbox which works on the free version , Comodo has a free sandbox feature too.

For example you can access your Remote Desktop VPS using a Sandbox and also setup Microsoft Word and Excel, or for that matter any area of your computer to run in a sandbox only. Finally, use a hardware wallet to store your coins and profit withdrawals. My preferred choice is the Ledger Nano which is the most popular brand. If you are not using a hardware wallet, you are leaving your money potentially in the open.

No one can access your wallet because it is like a physical safe key and without physical access to it and the keycode, no one can take your coins. All the strategies and settings are explained in detail here. Go here to buy Profit Trailer. Click here to sign up for Binance , the most trustworthy and profitable exchange.

Binance has an amazing number of coins with huge potential, and the CEO has appeared in the media he was recently featured on the front page of Forbes printed edition! Sign up for Tradingview, the best charting service on the internet. Coinigy is also a great charting service. Profit Trailer feeder is a very popular addon to PT which can dynamically adjust your settings in different volatility, market conditions helping you create a system that switches buy and sell strategy according to what the coin or market is doing.

I know both the creator Mehtadone we actually live near each other in London! I have recently met Mehtadone in person and we have recorded a tutorial on PTF 1. I will explain in brief how I and other use PTF, and why it is a significant upgrade :.

There is a lot more PTF can do, the list is almost endless. I keep repeating managing risk is vital in trading and PTF allows you to do that to a very detailed level. I believe in quality over quantity and have no interest in releasing half an hour of waffle where you will learn nothing. Edit I just recently created a new thread on Bitcointalk.

I was previously a coach for Gunbot, and helped a lot of people make their bot trading profitable so have lots of botting experience. This will include:. I will show exactly all the methods I use plus their logic, and you can apply it or you can create a hybrid of your own. My belief is that if you take the attitude of wanting to learn everything you possibly can, constant improvement, marrying the technical and the mental that is the way to succeed.

When I started on this journey one of the difficulties I had was finding there was so much noise and contradicting information out there. I set out to learn all this from more experienced people and reading until I got some answers.

That is what I aim to do for anyone who wants to work with me. I will am in discussions with Blitz, Squiggles, and CryptoProfitBot about doing a joint coaching service where we offer a range of advanced users knowledge in a special area the discussions are still at a very early stage so I will be phasing out at least part of my coaching programme and integrating it into a joint offer With Blitz, Squiggles and some others, so that.

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel for more announcements at a later date- I will also be uploading a lot of free premium content on my channel when I finally have the time to edit it- I have hours worth of stuff I recorded with people who did 1 to 1 sessions with me, stay tuned.

Please send me email me at ippp gmail. I am also offering some free consulations to explore where you are and- and can arrange a 15—20 chat on Skype in a limited number of countries like UK, some EU, USA, Canada or on the phone by appointment. Originally published at bitcointradingtoday. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar. Profit Trailer- Bot review, ultimate Profit Trailer settings.

If you pick very high volume coins to trade on only, say and above these coins will be less volatile. Lower volume coins say under are more volatile. Coins under can be very volatile but also very profitable if you know how to catch them! One downside is that it will keep buying even as it has peaked, but it should have made lots of buys and sells on the way to the top- to understand this I would look at a MACD peak- which is to be a built in strategy for 2. One downside is that it might just get faked out by a minor reversal before continuing down, I use a large trailing buy number- I have tested anything from 0.

Having a very large trailing buy figure means it will leave a wide margin to make a buy, without getting faked out I am unsure of the optimum figure but anything from 0. MinTrailingBuy of 0. Now, why did I spend the time to set this up? Well, I have seen a lot of people trying to use this and are not technical at all. I have answered the same questions numerous times, see the same people use recommended VPS from poor hosts etc.

So I decided to create this site so anyone can use it. What do I get out of this? I do not have an affiliate for Profit Trailer as they are not given them out any more.

Boo PT. Now is it a guarantee that it will make you crypto? That would be silly. The setup above will get you going. The last thing you want is your PC to crash or windows does an update and reboots.

Also, you need to have quite of bit of monthly bandwidth. If you have a very restricted amount, you may want to upgrade your internet, or use a VPS solution Recommend this read more below. Now if you have the internet bandwidth to spare and you want to keep it hosted at home, then you have a few options.

Also with this setup, to access your PT, you need to open ports on your router to be able to access it remotely? Now, why would you want to? The cons for running Linux? You have a little more work upfront to do. To make it easier for you.

You will look like a Crypto God in front of your buddies. They really will envy you and probably ask you or pay you to set one up for them more crypto for your bot.

Now to go this way you will need 2 more things from above. You will also need. Having it run on Linux VPS means the uptime will generally be much better than your home. So if you are ready to launch your bot to start auto trading then click on the link to begin. Skip to content. Adventures of crypto bot trading. Boo PT Now is it a guarantee that it will make you crypto? This is key. More you have the more you can make.

Also the more you can lose. So be smart Avoid buying low-quality coins or low volume coins. They are easily influenced by dump and pumps. Trade higher volume coins.

As soon as you sell a bag manually, then you lose. You can hold bags for weeks even months. Once again, this is crypto markets. The risk for reward.

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There are several important safety valves in Profit Trailer to keep the bot from chewing through your crypto like cookie monster on a 3 day bender. One is “ALL_max_cost =” in bitcoinlife24.deties. This sets the amount of coin, in BitCoin, that the bot will use for trading. Profit Trailer does frequent small trades automatically to slowly build up your bitcoin/eth/USDT. Now if you have lots of BTC/ETH/USDT you want to through at it and let it trade you can. More you have the more you can make. Also the more you can lose. INTRODUCING Profit BUY NOW Trailer The most powerful crypto trading bot that automatically trades 24/7 Trade on Multiple Exchanges with only one license We give you a way to trade with multiple buy and sell strategies at the same time. Tags:Best sites for bitcoin trading, Bitcoin revolution trading platform, How to start bitcoin trading in philippines, Bitcoins market uk, Bitcoin minute trading

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