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Most of this scam quick-profit investment schemes are HYIPs. What is a HYIP? It is a just a type of ponzi scheme. Initial investors only get paid when new people sign up and invest, what this means is that you are under pressure to bring in new investors so that you will get paid.

As soon as the amount of new investor drops, the owners do away with the money invested, and the site is closed down since there is no longer enough money to pay initial investors. Those that benefit most times are the first investors. The system is not sustainable because it will surely shut down abruptly leaving your money trapped in the hands of the scammers that set it up initially. Most of them provide a registration certificate and so-called evidence of payments.

These companies claiming to be located in the UK or similar countries are not in actual sense located there. Everyday we get complaints of people been scammed. Most people fall for these schemes because of the sweet promises of making huge profits within a short time. On a serious note, legit systems exists but scams are very very numerous.

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A Perfect Storm is brewing 1. SPX is topping 2. Dollar index is bottoming 3. Cryptos above to go parabolic 5. Indictments coming 7. Praise God. Tim, Imagine a hockey stick standing vertically. Has a long slight curve and then goes straight up. In all my years in Math classes plotting parabolas on graphs, I never likened one to a hockey stick! Worth listening to and praying about for both crypto and stock markets.

Casey, I just watched the youtube post you commented on about Lindsey Williams summarized predictions for and beyond. The stock market will continue to melt up. Gold and silver will remain stable. Also, there will not be much change with oil and gas prices. US is sitting on biggest oil reserve up by Alaska and will become largest oil exporter. Unforeseen by elites Trump victory changed the trajectory for America for the good. It would have happened quickly if Hillary had become President. These predictions do not negate temporary market crashes.

Pray for Donald Trump. God bless. There are only a few people who called for a huge market rise last year, and Lindsey called for a market melt up. I myself was cheated out of substantial gains listening to too many messages of fear. I had a hard time believing the market would go much higher than 20k and I thought Lindsey was crazy at that point.

Of course we are now way beyond that. An honest fact based review of Lindsey probably puts him in the top 3 to 5 in our time. Hi Richard! Who else from your own research into prophets in your opinion has proven to be accurate? Patricia Green. The first two might be viewed by some as more positive prophets, but if you look closely at their messages they do squarely include judgment from God as well.

Too much to say, except his vision is astounding. Lastly, the most helpful prophetic voice for me in the last year has been our own Phanuel. Phanuel has help me to come from groaning to rejoicing When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan — Prov. Thanks Phanuel! Thanks for sharing that reminder. Some prophecies recorded in the Bible remain unfulfilled after thousands of years, but they are still extremely accurate.

The conditions are looking good. Check out the revamped Kraken exchange A blend of Cobinhood and Tradingview, it is awesome! What do you think? Same with bitcoin They top at different times. Remember the VERI at is a plateau meaning it can go higher but the overall graph plateaus. Update Cryptos and SPX 1. I think Wave 3 of 5 has began. We need to hold above to confirm.

This is the most bullish wave of the cycle. I looked at SPX chart. All the waves are extreme Fibonacci extensions. I agree there is a bullish move ahead for cryptos.

On Thursday, I saw a graph showing Bitcoin moving down, but then it reversed and made a surprising move up that seemed unexpected. Updating my previous comment, I believe God is showing me small moves ahead for Bitcoin, so for anyone holding for the long haul, no worries, but today I saw three separate graphs all showing it dropping. The first one showed it dropping then turning back up. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

As a newbie in the crypto world I have a lot of questions that I have been asking my Heavenly Father… I read the above verse this morning as I was spending time with Him. Reading these Words this morning almost brought me to tears. He is so GOOD to me us. The time to hear a word from the Spirit about selling or going short has somewhat passed now. The difficulty with bearish words now is that they become increasingly difficult to distinguish from the natural mind and from fear after a month of falling prices.

I recall someone, I think possibly Maria Conwell, sharing a word about going short BTC in the middle of Dec after it had been breaking new highs. Even just looking at the hard numbers received prophetically the risk reward profile of a price range between 6kk argues for essentially staying long at 10k.

Add this to our historically very poor prophetic visibility of near term price action and staying long is even more compelling. The time line is also getting increasingly problematic if this wave is to continue falling further and yet another up wave possibly two is going to complete soon confidence takes time rebuild.

Selling when led free from all the noise in the natural after receiving a given a time frame or a given high not yet realised is the safer option…. Amen Julz, I did a TA on the long term BTC if we draw a parabolic curve on the resistance and the support points it has been trading in the channel for a long time even with the crazy swings.

I consider these dips a blessing and a buying opportunity. Julz, i like your level headed comments. They are a calm through the storm. I hold a core position and try to add more by either buying on the dips or swing trading the highs and lows.

So Julz, are you hanging onto your crypto coins? It makes sense that the prophetic coins will all reach their prophetic highs around the same time as we mostly see the highs of these cryptos occurring around the same time….. But I feel there are two kinds of people on this blog. There are those who are trying to build their wealth by starting with a small amount and then trying to move into and out of the markets at the right times to build their wealth.

There are other people who started with more money and are willing to stick in the markets until the prophetic highs have been reached and know that at the prophetic highs they will have quite a bit of wealth built from this market.

But it is all so confusing and the likelihood of people putting all the numbers into the right places on the time line and getting it right for trading in and out of the markets is very unlikely. So the solution is to wait for a market top at some point in the future, and the market top should come from revelation about the final market top.

Not sure if the trading strategy differs depending on the size of your stack, you might be right. I would have thought it was easier to stay unemotional and buy the dips when less is at risk. My personal expectation of God speaking however is a word that seems unlikely or impossible and requires faith to trade and then brings glory to God once fulfilled.

I felt pressed to write this however to provide some balance for those who were being called to hold on to promises they were given that led them to buy into this market in the first place.

If you are selling now at a loss either the word you received that led you to buy was false or the words on this thread prompting you to sell are false. Both cannot be true, God is always good. Just letting everyone know I had a dream this morning described in more detail in comment below which led me to get back in. I had received a dream and my friend received a dream about a possible correction so I moved out of the market.

However, the dream this morning was clearly telling me to get back in. I got that direction this morning and it was to get back in and hold. Apologies for bringing confusion. I believe the third wave will start soon and go up very high before the coming crash. May God bless you, Christopher. That would seem to confirm what you and others have seen, if both those conditions are met I will also be looking to book some profits. Praying for crystal clarity as these events draw near — cheers.

The market could still go down and reach the numbers seen, but my mistake was believing the Lord led me to sell. If we get this drop then I am not to worry about it and focus on the coming third wave up to 30k. This was a good lesson for me that the Lord is giving me guidance on these things and not to act without clear direction from Him. This is why it is so important to seek the Lord regarding what decisions you take with these things, as I try to mention in a lot of comments I make here to encourage others to seek the Lord for guidance.

I believe the Lord wants us to trust in Him and lean on Him in all ways, whether this be financially related or anything else. If BTC rises to 30k the alts will likely rise more than 3x. Not sure what it will do to market, just sharing.

Christopher A little bit off topic but after checking your YouTube channel I thought you might be interested in this link if you do not know about it already. Click on the DareToPrepare.

Com on the main page. There you can either order the book or the online version is free. The crash will be after the blue moon on Jan 31…. Just a few thoughts for those concerned about moving their coins away from exchanges and into private wallets. Private wallets makes sense for long term coin storage or mining rewards but if you are anticipating a massive crypto crash caused by exchange failures moving to cash beforehand is your only haven. Private wallets and cold storage actually impede your ability to react quickly to bad news and switch to cash.

They also increase the very real risk of losing your coins to hackers, hardware failures or human error. Julz, I nearly lost my Solaris coins as a file cleaner on my PC deleted a critical file. It was a valuable lesson. My reply: But if you use private wallets that are open source and where you hold the private key and password, and they are backed up, then they are safer than exchanges which can be hacked and have system failures etc….

Those are the kind of private wallets I use and so they are safer than exchanges although they do impede one from reacting to bad news, but if we hold prophetic coins in those private wallets we are holding for long term anyway.

By impede I mean you have first transfer the coins from your wallet to an exchange in order to convert to cash Bitcoin and ETH networks tend to jam and add delays during high volume days when markets panic. Your home PC has far less cyber security than a major exchange, a hacker only has to implant spyware or key logger malware to steal your private keys and passwords.

Your PC also has far less robust hardware, less contingency fall backs and is far more prone to system failures than a major exchange…. I was not thinking about my home computer when I made my reply, but only about the actual wallet itself compared with the exchange. I also would think there must be a way for someone to protect their private keys and passwords on their computer so they can not be stolen by spyware and logger malware.

If we find that solution then I stick with my statement that open source wallets can be safer than exchanges. I would also like to add that keeping your coins on exchanges requires far less work than putting them into a wallet. That is what I see as the biggest downside of keeping coins in wallets providing you have the skill to prevent spyware and key logger malware from stealing your private keys and passwords.

I have always been told to keep my coins in a wallet for added security, and this must be from those who know that we can protect our private keys and passwords so they can not be stolen. There is some tremendous security available now for people who want to put it into use. You will still however be the last out the door in a market crash, those on the exchanges already will execute first.

I just hear too many stories of people losing coins due the issues discussed above when they would have been fine if they had left their coins on the exchange. His reason — he lost his bitcoin that was on Mt. However, we do have the word that came through Christine Beadsworth about the 32 exchanges going down overnight. I personally rate Bittrex, Binance, Crytopia and Cobinhood very highly. They are nothing like MtGox…. Ed and I were looking at the number of exchanges a few months ago, and the number of exchanges using USDT was So we are now at a minimum of 28 exchanges using USDT.

We are getting very close to Z3, If you really want to add to your coins put in low buy orders at previous support levels. Had a buy order fill on Cob at. That is equal to. Instant gains because now Cob is at. Still have one open at. I keep these buys in place because all it takes is someone who is either done with Cob or it is a late buyer who is done losing money. You can do this with any coin. Ed H, When i try to register at cobinhood. Do you think I can still buy COB on another exchange, instead from cobinhood.

Etherdelta is the place you want to go to buy Cob. I have found the best deals there. Dear James thank you for this summation and insight.

The analysis of the coming Jan 26th future expiration seems very important and given previous activity on Jan 17th implies a big correction. There were giant creatures around, a big dragon, and giant people they were attacking and I was fearful and went into a hole in the ground and hid there like a tunnel in the ground.

Then after a certain amount of time I jumped out of the hole and became a giant myself and started fighting off the creatures and overpowering them. Not sure exactly but my guess the fear and hiding in the hole was market is going down further, and then becoming a giant and fighting back was perhaps the 3rd wave up big rise.

Interesting is that the move down from 13, to 9, from the first futures expiring on the 17th of Jan began on the 15th 2 days prior. If this happens again the market could drop prior to the 26th. I decided to move my holdings into USDT. It could be the wrong decision if it is I will lose coins buying later at higher prices but seemed to be enough for me dreams and different factors suggesting a move down before the up.

Please seek the Lord regarding any or no actions you should take. Yeah I thought her dream could be either the coming down from the third wave, or representing the move in BTC prices since we were at the recent top and coming down for 2 corrections. Not sure but wanted to share. No timeframe was given. I saw a digital clock type thing in my mind, and it was bitcoin prices. My view is that the Lord is clearly telling me to stay in the market.

I got back in, thankfully without a loss. I apologise for anyone who was led to exit by my comments. Apologies brethren as my discussion and action based on those dreams was not accurate to me what the Lord has shown me , because I must not have the interpretation right for those dreams.

Just letting all know the guidance I got this morning. May God bless you. Seems to fit. Yes Chris I think so. It broke a upper trendline today The numbers will get more accurate as we get actual data. I saw prophetically a while ago. I use a hybrid of dreams and vision with chart work. I think that will precede the bigger up and down wave. I could be incorrect on that point. Just providing that for consideration.

SNS that is also a possibility. That would be a market cap B. So if we pushed into the s negating the s as a top , that might be the meaning. Thanks for sharing this great confirmation of prophetic insights received by others. I am still expecting a drop before the move up, but based on the graph I saw, the price shot up after reaching the bottom, and moved up quickly afterwards, so holding seems like a safe position.

Sorry guys, will be taking a break from Z3news. Reading the contradictions and ever-changing interpretations of dreams and words have become so very tiresome and disappointing. Because God cares way more about the process than the result. God has the power to make all of us billionaires overnight. Review: is Neuro Bot a Scam or Should I Invest? Primary Sidebar

Neurobot price today is with a hour trading volume of. It has a circulating supply of NEB coins and a max supply of?. In order to explore addresses and transactions, you may use block explorers such as. Additional information can be found at bitcoinlife24.deg/. Choose BTC Robot v Platinum Plan - 3 Licenses on ANY MT4 brokers of your choice! PLUS, you can trade on all THREE crypto pairs: Bitcoin, Ethereum AND Litecoin! One Year membership for $ . 20 LEGIT Bitcoin Robot and Auto-Trading Bots: List. Tags:Btc markets net worth, Otc bitcoin market, How to trade ltc for btc on bittrex, Bitcoin bubble stock market crash, Btc coincapmarket

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