Nov 16,  · Now, let’s move ahead & trade our Amazon gift card for Bitcoins. Log-in to your Purse account & click on earn bitcoin at the top. This will take you to a page where you can see many shoppers from Amazon who has listed their wishlist & you can sort it based on a few factors such as Country. For this guide, let’s select the USA as the country. Or, you will be able to purchase Bitcoins by selling a Gift Card you have already. Now, this is very simple; getting Bitcoin, with your gift card. Retailers best make do with gift cards. All that is needed, is that you go purchase a gift card for places like Amazon, eBay and the likes. It won’t open a trade yet, but will guide you through the offer terms and conditions set by the buyer. Start the trade – If you are satisfied with the buyer’s terms, enter the amount you’re willing to trade for and click Sell Now. This will open a live trade chat and move your Bitcoin to our secured escrow.

How to trade gift card for bitcoin

Top 10 Sites to Buy and Sell Gift Cards via Bitcoin

While Coinbase may be one of the biggest normal exchanges in the world, its counterparts, Paxful and LocalBitcoins , are the biggest peer-to-peer platforms in the world. No type of exchange is better than the other, but the preference of the user is what matters the most when it comes to choosing the type of exchange.

In this case: buying bitcoins with gift cards, peer-to-peer platforms are the ONLY way to go. The first step to buying bitcoins with gift cards is making an account on either Paxful or Localbitcoins.

Creating an account on either of these is extremely easy. Paxful is a person-to-person marketplace that supports over payment methods. Paxful, over recent years, has grown to be one of the biggest platforms in the world and they continue to grow.

This can be attributed to the attention to detail they have in regards to user experience. Paxful offers over payment methods , allowing its users to buy and sell bitcoin easily. As with any other peer-to-peer platform, Paxful struggles with filtering the scammers out of their platform. They pride themselves on having every payment method imaginable and providing anonymous options for people who want to keep to themselves. When everything in your trade goes smoothly or you are dealing with an honest and decent trade partner , Localbitcoins is a fast way to buy bitcoin.

Localbitcoins, like Paxful, is also susceptible to scammers as all peer-to-peer platforms are. In our opinion, Paxful is the way to go if you want to trade gift cards for bitcoins. The difference between the two peer-to-peer platforms is that Paxful has a better customer support system. That is the key factor that Paxful has over Localbitcoins.

With Localbitcoins on the other hand, people including myself have complained about both a laggy site and an unhelpful customer support team. Some people may have different opinions, but whoever is reading this should know that the key to choosing a platform is a preference.

Choose whatever makes you feel more comfortable. There are two parts to choosing the best offer: 1 being able to filter the scammers out and 2 selecting the best deals concerning pricing.

The trick to minimizing risks depends on the platform you decide to trade on. The risks are something that every trader should be aware of. These risks include the code being ripped from your gift card and sellers being unresponsive. Each platform has different tips and tricks when it comes to minimizing these risks. For the actual deals themselves, you will ideally want to look for an offer where you can get more bitcoins with your currency.

After you have given the seller all the requirements and followed all of his or her instructions, wait for him or her to release the bitcoins from escrow both Paxful and Localbitcoins use an escrow system that protects buyers. The process of buying bitcoin with gift cards can easily be reverse-engineered.

Purse is a unique platform that allows users to set their own discounts when shopping on Amazon by matching shoppers with those users who are looking to exchange their Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin. It also provides its users with the option of importing their Amazon wish lists and even earning by fulfilling orders. Crypto Voucher claims to provide the easiest solution for instantly buying cryptocurrency, one of which is via trading your gift cards.

Just fill in the info regarding your gift card along with your personal info and wait 1 business day to receive your cryptocurrency voucher. To get your crypto to your wallet, you simply need to redeem the voucher. CoinCola is an OTC crypto trading platform that helps its clients, regardless of their location, trade their local fiat currency in exchange for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Tether, and Ripple.

All deals are executed person-to-person and the platform takes care of the security part of the process. Apart from trading fiat to crypto, it works with gift cards as well. CoinCola accepts Amazon, iTunes, Google, and other high-demand gift cards and connects you to people who want to trade their Bitcoins for it. The platform is easy to navigate and provides you with a quick checkout process together with zero extra fees and eGiter points.

For every USD that you spend, you receive eGifter points which you can use later on for discounts. I myself I trade on Paxful and I have across a lot of people who come from Africa and Asia trying to scam me. You just have to be smart don't their small lies trick you and put in mind do not trust anybody or information you see on the internet wholeheartedly. You might change your location and you will find it a bit difficult to log into your account because of the little change.

You have to pass through lots of processes to get your account back. The first things is do not trust anybody you meet online wholeheartedly. This will help you prevent yourself from falling into scam traps. Do not send your Gift card information to the trader if he has not replied to your message or asked you to send it.

Do not trade outside with someone you meet on Paxful. Some Paxful scammers ask you to chat them on Whatsapp that's all scam traps, If not Paxful cancel the trade or ask them to cancel the trade. Always check your Account balance or alert and also verify if the alert receive is valid before releasing bitcoins to a buyer.

This is because some do not make any payment but trick you by saying they have made payment. Always verify before you release your bitcoin. Final words , I hope this whole guide will help you trade your gift card for money no matter where you find yourself to be located in the world. Did you find this article helpful? If Yeah shares it to your folks and friends you think will need to get access to this type of information.

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Top 10 Sites to Buy and Sell Gift Cards via Bitcoin Paxful Payment Options

Nov 29,  · To trade your Giftcards or Bitcoins for money on Paxful, You have to first create an account. Creating an account on Paxful you will need; I. Valid Email Address. Mar 19,  · The service helps users trade Amazon, Ebay, Steam, Google Play, and Apple gift cards for either Nigerian naira or BTC and ETH. To do this, Nigerians have to contact Pamcoins on Whatsapp and specify the gift card they want to sell with its amount to get the current rate from an agent. Or, you will be able to purchase Bitcoins by selling a Gift Card you have already. Now, this is very simple; getting Bitcoin, with your gift card. Retailers best make do with gift cards. All that is needed, is that you go purchase a gift card for places like Amazon, eBay and the likes. Tags:Tradingview binance btc, Tradingview ada btc, Bitcoin added to stock market, Bitcoin short interactive brokers, Bitcoin futures margin interactive brokers

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